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Concepta Ingredients

Rua Emilia Marengo, 682 - 2º Andar
CEP 03336-000 - São Paulo-SP - Brazil

Certified ECOCERT
Contact Lilia Kawazoe
Phone +55 11 2643 5005

Concepta Ingredients is specialized in the development of natural and technological solutions for the food, beverage, animal nutrition, and veterinary pharmaceutical industries and food service market.

The company has a strong focus on innovation and research by offering solutions that go far beyond traditional ingredients.

Concepta Ingredients focuses on customized services to ensure its customers the access to exclusive and high-quality products.

In the beginning of 2017, the company has launched its brand new product line, a product range composed only by organic ingredients sustainably sourced from world biomes while preserving the nature and its local inhabitants and harvested by regional communities, with ethics and respect to local people.