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A Tal da Castanha

Rua Coronel Joaquim Franklin, 1.000 - Antônio Bezerra
CEP 60361-130 - Fortaleza-CE - Brazil

Certified Certificate NOP: BR - 2016 - 157069 - Z-52570-2017
Contact André Moraes
Phone +55 85 3288 7055
+55 85 99901 0022

Not all cashew nuts are the same and we know that very well. From day one we have a clear objective: to take only the best to our customers and this means a good quality product, with nutritious delivery and for that we have strict quality processes from the field to the final product.
Our products are 100% natural and Organic.

We know this is an important issue for many and so we only use natural ingredients that are not genetically modified.