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Native Berries

Avenida Doutor José Bonifácio Coutinho Nogueira, 150 - Sala 23
CEP 13091-611 - Campinas-SP - Brazil

Certified USDA and EU Organic by IBD • Kosher • NON GMO Projetct
Contact Rafal Vaz / Marcelo Vaz
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Phone +55 61 99147 7361
+55 19 99830 7686

Native Berries has received permission to enter the forest and harvest its fruits in a sustainable manner, respecting its cycles and working with the natives who have lived their whole lives in the coastal regions and have inherited the wisdom of the harvest and respect for the land from their ancestors.

We were born to spread the flavor and nutritional benefits of açaí throughout the world. Açaí pulp and sorbets without syrups, artificial colors or flavors are part of our portfolio. All products are organic, gluten-free, lactose-free, and vegan. A result of a perfect combination of soil, humidity, plenty of fresh water, and the ideal temperature, blessed by Mother Nature.