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Massa Verde


Rua Kabul, 299 - Parque da Lapa
CEP 05301-020 - São Paulo - SP - Brazil

Certified Ecocert
Contact Jade Stipp
Phone +55 11 4111 5559
+55 11 98466 6913

Massa Verde was born from the dream of working with food in a different way, and created the first organic pasta factory of the city of São Paulo. Here we produce fresh pasta, meats and sauces without dyes, emulsifiers, stabilizers or artificial preservatives. No weird or incomprehensible names in the recipes. We always seek to work with small producers in the region of São Paulo and inland, helping the cycle of growth of the organic production chain.

Everything produced in an artisan way in its own factory located in the Parque da Lapa, in the west zone of São Paulo. Come visit us!