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Rua 20 de Janeiro, 1.615 - Barra do Ceará
CEP 60331-200 - Fortaleza-CE - Brazil

Certified USDA / Canada, Europe, Coreia, Brazil by Ecocert
Contact Lilian Moura
Phone +55 85 3288 7513
+55 85 3288 7501

Resibras is a leading Brazilian cashew nut processing company founded in 1972. The company owns 2 plants located in the state of Ceará (Northeast of Brazil).

Under its Marambaia brand, the company has developed for over 40 years, a strong reputation among the strictest global buyers, reaching approximately 30 destinations every year.

Besides quality and food safety, the company is also focused in supplying organic cashews that come from highly qualified producing farms where Resibras develops sustainable programs with growers.