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Goola Acai


Avenida Martinho Monterio, s/nº, Lote 02 - Murinin
CEP 68797-000 - Benevides-PA - Brazil

Certified Brasil, USDA and EU Organic by IBD, Kosher, Halal e HACCP
Contact Arnaldo Betzel / Rafael Siqueira
E-mail /
Phone +55 91 3456 8174
+55 91 99191 3355

Goola is a unique brand. It is always ready to make you feel the true flavor of the acai fruit, sooooo much purer, sooooo much tastier and sooooo much healthier.
Goola is the dream of young entrepreneurs who joined one of the leading experts in acai in the world. Our goal is to show that it is only possible to make the best product when you are committed to doing the best for people.
Goola is pleasure and health for your daily life. It´s pure energy and convenience to be enjoyed alone or shared with the ones you like. Get to know our line of products and find out which ones match your taste the most!