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Avenida Venâncio Aires, 140/601 - Cidade Baixa
CEP: 90040-192 - Porto Alegre-RS - Brasil

Certified 154610BR-2017Z-70467-2017
Contact Jonas Trapp Heitling
Phone +55 51 3337 4300
+55 51 99226 3682

Dodani Organics, a company established in southern Brazil, emerged when Daniel’s mother, concerned with providing healthy food for her son, decided to create a nutritious and tasty line of organic products for children. This resulted in the creation of a line of healthy products, organic and high quality, in fun packs and in ideal portions for the snack time. Certified by Ecocert, which guarantees the origin of all the organic inputs utilized in the preparation of its products, Dodani is committed to always offering the best for the whole family.

Products: Sweet biscuits: Chocolate and Apple and Cinnamon; Savoury biscuits: Parmesan Cheese; Dehydrated fruits (Lyophilized): Pineapple and Banana; Dry fruits: Raisins.