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Rua Dos Italianos, 159 - Conjunto 06
CEP 01131-000 - São Paulo-SP - Brazil

Certified IBD
Contact Leonora Straus Fialho
Phone +55 11 3223 0044
+55 11 3334 0601

Manufacture of ladie’s underwear produced with 100% organic cotton, which already comes with color (naturally colored) or colored with natural dyes made from plants extracts.

Products made with social and environmental concern, providing benefits for human health from planting to harvest, the organic cotton used to manufacture this article does not rely on agrochemicals nor on any inputs harmful to human, animal or environmental health, bringing ecological and social benefits and adding beauty, comfort and a touch of extreme softness to the item.

Our cotton is cultivated in the state of Paraíba, northeastern of Brazil and is 100% Certified as Natural by IBD.